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My Action Plan


School Funding - coming soon

As Promised Now Low and Moderate Income Homeowners qualify for higher Property Tax Rebates

My 2021 bill, HB 486, updated the Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief program.  Now, an estimated one in six homeowners qualify for a rebate, and the maximum rebate has increased from $160 to $350. 


More people qualify because the income cap has been raised to $37,000 for a homeowner living alone, or $47,000 total income for two or more adults living in the home.  Income is measured by the adjusted gross income found on line 11 of your 2021 IRS income tax form.  For most retirees, the adjusted gross income includes only a portion of their social security income.  If your income is below the amount that requires reporting to the IRS, you can still apply.  The application period is May 1 - June 30th


University System funding

I will testify before the House Finance Committee.

State support for the University System was $100 million in 2009.  Then, Republican cut it to $81 million, where it remained for 10 years. Democrats increased it to $88 million for the 2020, but there was no increase in last year's Republican budget.

It's time to invest in our future.  New Hampshire's in-state tuition is higher than that of some quality out-of-state colleges.  Lowering tuition will keep more high school graduates in-state, which will in turn attract businesses. 

During the budget process in the spring of 2023, I will advocate for increased funding to develop programs aligned with future jobs demands, and a tuition rate that is more affordable.

Reduced Property Taxes by Securing State Funding for Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Relocation

My 2022 HB 1548 bill guarantees a new operations center for Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid (LRMFA) will be built at no cost to the property tax pagers  in Plymouth, Holderness, Ashland and the other 32 communities.  Federal American Relief Plan (covid aid) and state budget surplus will pay for the project to relocate the state e-911 call center and LRMF that currently share a building on the 217-acre Lakes Region Facility in Laconia.  Without this bill, property tax payers would pay part of the estimated $10,000,000 cost for a new facility.  The state is looking for a buyer for the Lakes Region Facility that in the past has been the state school for disabled children and a  prison.

Fiscal Agent:  Frances Taylor, PO Box Q, Holderness NH 03245

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