Sallie Fellows State House Representative for

Plymouth, Holderness & Hebron

June 26, 2019             See  IN THE NEWS tab for the latest update on legislation, including school and municipal aid estimates for each town.

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Suzanne Smith, Joyce Weston and I are please to be your voice in the New Hampshire House of Representatives for the 2019 and 2020 sessions. 


This is my first term, but I am ready to work for you.   I have 30 years experience at the State Department of Education, helping the Legislature with the technical aspects of school funding.  


I am working on bills to:

  • Increase state aid to local public schools. This will lower local property taxes.

  • Increase property tax rebates to low income home owners.


I will fight to:

  • Restore UNH, PSU and Keene State funding to pre-recession levels.

  • Ensure funding for addiction recovery programs reaches small towns, so help is available near by.

  • Pass a minimum wage of $15/hr by 2023.

  • Pass gun laws that will make NH safer for students, the police and everyone.  Make schools gun-free zones.

  • Protect what is most unique about NH, our scenic beauty and recreational resources.

Fiscal Agent:  Frances Taylor, PO Box Q, Holderness NH 03245