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Sallie Fellows State House Representative for
Plymouth, Holderness & Ashland

It's been an honor to serve since 2018. 

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 State Low and Moderate Income

Property Tax Rebate Up to $250  

Must Apply May 1 - June 30 

In 2021 I sponsored the bill that made more people eligible for this program.  You likely qualify if you live alone in a home you own and your income is below $37,000, or the combined income of all adults in the home is below $47,000.

2019-2020 Term:  In spite of 79 vetoes by the governor and the corona virus shutdown, the Democrats repealed the death penalty (over riding the governor's veto by one vote).  I worked hard to bring Plymouth an extra $480,000 in state aid to off-set 2019 property taxes, and an extra $860,000 for 2020.

2021-2022 Term: 

  • I delivered on my campaign promise to reduce property taxes for seniors and others who are low income home owners.  One in six homeowners now qualify for a rebate and the maximum rebate has increased from $160 to $350. Read more about HB 486  here .

  • My bill HB 1548 guarantees a new operations center for Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid will be built at no cost to Plymouth, Holderness, Ashland and the other 32 communities.  Read more about HB 1548  here .


If reelected, I will again use my 30 years of experience with school finance and funding to focus on:

  • Increasing state aid to school districts. This will lower local property taxes.

  • Educate people about how we pay for state and local services, and the absurdity of our heavy reliance on property taxes.

I will also fight to:

  • Pass gun laws that will make NH safer for students, the police and everyone.  Make schools gun-free zones.

  • Protect a woman's right to make her own reproductive decisions.  Protect LGBTQ rights.

  • Increase funding for the University System (UNH, PSU, KSC).  We need quality education and lower student debt.

  • Protect what is most unique about NH, our scenic beauty and recreational resources.

  • Address the local needs of our three towns.

Donations will help me fund signs, advertising and mailings.

Fiscal Agent:  Frances Taylor, PO Box Q, Holderness NH 03245

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