Sallie Fellows State House Representative for
Plymouth, Holderness & Ashland

 It's been an honor to serve since 2018.  I'm running again.  This time  also representing the town next door - Ashland.

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2019-2020 Term:  In spite of 79 vetoes by the governor and the corona virus shutdown, the Democrats repealed the death penalty (over riding the governor's veto by one vote).  I worked hard to bring Plymouth an extra $480,000 in state aid to off-set 2019 property taxes, and an extra $860,000 for 2020.

2021-2022 Term: 

  • I delivered on my campaign promise to reduce property taxes for seniors and others who are low income home owners.  One in six homeowners now qualify for a rebate and the maximum rebate has increased from $160 to $350. Read more about HB 486  here .

  • My bill HB 1548 ensures that the Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid will continue to have an operations facility.  If needed, the state will build an new facility at no cost to Plymouth, Holderness and Ashland and 32 other towns.


If reelected, I will again use my 30 years of experience with school finance and funding to focus on:

  • Increasing state aid to school districts. This will lower local property taxes.

  • Educate people about how we pay for state and local services, and the absurdity of our heavy reliance on property taxes.

I will also fight to:

  • Pass gun laws that will make NH safer for students, the police and everyone.  Make schools gun-free zones.

  • Restore University System (UNH, PSU, KSC) state funding to the 2010 level of $100 million.

  • Pass a minimum wage of at least $15/hr.

  • Protect what is most unique about NH, our scenic beauty and recreational resources.

  • Address the local needs of our three towns.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Fiscal Agent:  Frances Taylor, PO Box Q, Holderness NH 03245